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theMonkeY 09-03-2004 11:17 AM

KDE Menu Config problems leading to other problems

My KDE menu config never originally saved the settings. It is quite retarded. Now this has led to another problem.

I decided to be smart for once and place a few shortcuts to xmms commands. I created the appropriate application links using kmenuedit ('xmms -p' for play, 'xmms -f' for forward etc) and i assigned each of those applications a shortcut key using ctrl+alt+P or ctrl+alt+. etc.

Now the problem is, the kmenuedit DID NOT save them.

I've gotten rid of the problem of KDE not saving menus by deleting some directories, but it seems that the stupid menu config still thinks those old shortcut assignments i made are in use, so i cannot assign them to the new *working* xmms commands i've made!!

is there a text file or something somewhere that i can edit to overcome this situation? any help would be appreciated...

thanks in advance :)

Tormented 09-03-2004 12:08 PM

Kmenuedit stores the menus in ~/.config/menus/
Your problem could be wrong permissions on it and/or the ~/.kde/share/applnk directory.

theMonkeY 09-03-2004 12:31 PM

alright sweet i found those files, but unfortunately they dont contain any information about assigned shortcut keys

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