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niteshadw 04-10-2003 10:16 PM

KDE kmenu.png
how can I change the kde menu icon? I want to keep the icon set I have but I don't like the kde 'start' button, I tried deleting them and copying the one I want from another set, but when I paste, the old one shows instead of the one I want...

I guess I need some icon package editing program? - the icons are extracted in the icons folder and such...

I apologize if its a really dumb question...

jailbait 04-10-2003 11:10 PM

K menu icon
I run SuSE 8.1 with KDE 3.1.1. There are significant differences in the way that SuSE and Red Hat set up both kcontrol and the KDE file tree. That said, here is the situation on my machine.

kcontrol does not provide a way to edit the K menu icon as far as I can tell. I have to switch the actual icon file by hand. The icon is called kmenu.png

To work with kmenu.png I have to log in as root. There are several kmenu.png files and I have to find out which one I am actually using by trial and error. All of my kmenu.png files are on /opt/kde3/share/icons:
find /opt/kde3/share/icons -iname "*kmenu.png*"

In my case the relevant kmenu.png turns out to be:

Red Hat may have put KDE on /usr.

niteshadw 04-11-2003 06:35 AM

Yes, I am able to locate the icon, I know where it is and all, I try to remove it or change the name of all the icons within the directory, 16x16, 48x48, ect. When every icon is removed, I try to paste the icon I want to use from a different icon pack, but when I pate from the 16x16 to the 16x16 folder, the new kmenu.png is not the new, but still shows up as the old one. So I don't know why that happens, the new icon I want should paste into the folder and show as the new one, but it doesn't.

Indeed it would be better if there was an option to change the icon via properties so what not.

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