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wendykroy 09-27-2004 07:18 PM

KDE file manager (superuser) in fluxbox
I'm trying to add an entry to my fluxbox menu to launch KDE's filemanager (konqueror) in superuser mode, i.e. it should pop up a box asking for the root password and then open konqueror with filemanagement profile as root. All I've achieved so far is 'kdesu -u root konqueror', this opens konqueror as root, but if then I try to open any text file with kwrite, por example, it says 'kdeinit could not launch kwrite'. I have tried with kfmclient and various options, too, without success. Examining the properties of the KDE menu entries for both normal user konqueror and superuser file manager, the only difference I can see is that in the latter the checkbox 'run as a different user' is checked, but the commands themselves seem to be the same. So I wonder what exactly makes the difference. How to run konqueror in superuser mode from the command line so that subsequent commands like kwrite will work too? Or perhaps konqueror is not the best choice here, but I would like to have an easy way (in fluxbox) of opening many textfiles with root permissions at once, and from inside KDE the superuser filemanager was very handy for that. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Aeiri 09-27-2004 10:13 PM

'kdesu konqueror' should be fine, I didn't have to do anything special to do the same thing, so maybe it's a KDE problem? (try using KDE and see if it has the same problem...)

wendykroy 09-28-2004 04:10 AM

Thanks! That works. So simple. I had tried kdesu with all sort of options, but not *without* any options. :rolleyes:

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