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Wheat_Thins 05-01-2006 11:49 AM

KDE & Gnome & XFCE
I have been using Gnome for quite awhile just because of the fact it is pushed as the UI for Fedora. I have used the search feature to look for a good thread the gets down to the lower levels of what makes KDE and Gnome and XFCE adversly different. There is the 2005 software awards but in all reality is just people trying to defend what UI they are currently using and bashing the UI they are not using.

I wanted to start a thread that would objectively look at the differences between KDE, Gnome, and XFCE. It would be much appreciated if it could remain objective and not just turn into the typical, my UI that I use is better then yours because......

What are the difference in performance, usability, customizations, system resources, looks, stability, ETC. What really makes them so different? :scratch:

As I already mentioned I have really only have had most of the experience with GNOME. I have played around with KDE and XFCE but nowhere near the extent needed to form a good objective opionion about them. Had anybody had experience with two or more of them to outline the fundamental differences between them? I know for sure that my next install I will try KDE or XFCE to get better experience with them but thought I would start out with this thread as a starting point.

b0uncer 05-01-2006 12:40 PM

Well, to cut it short, KDE and Gnome are like elephants while XFCE is more like a monkey. If you're talking about resources, I mean.. :) that's one point. Haven't used XFCE for a few months now but I don't think it has changed..Gnome did a great thing in their new version, it's faster, but still it's heavy one. So is KDE too..

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