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Jajamd 06-30-2007 05:39 AM

KDE alternative to SoundConverter

I'm trying to find a KDE alternative to SoundConverter (a Gnome App using Gstreamer); To be honest, this application is by far the best I've found to encode very simply and effectively any audio files.

Do you know any similar KDE application using mencoder and offering the same possibilities?

On the top of that, maybe you happen to know if there is such an application for video files?

Thank you guys,


b0uncer 07-01-2007 06:12 AM

If there is (more or less "KDE-native"), I'm pretty sure you can find it from

Remember though, that every time you convert a compressed video or audio format to another one (mp3 to ogg, mpeg to avi, ...) you lose quality because decoding doesn't increase quality, but recompression loses each time. It might not be something you hear with cheap speakers, but often compressed formats are already so lossy and bad quality that losing more is not an option. If you just can, don't convert a compressed format to another one, instead get the original (hopefully uncompressed) media and recode it to the format you need. CD audio, for example, has more quality than an mp3 file created out of it, but the same track in ogg format (directly from the cd) has better quality than if you make the ogg out of the mp3 and not the cd directly.

jschiwal 07-01-2007 06:30 AM

Why can't you install the gnome program that you like. It will take installing some gnome libraries as well, but you can run a gnome program in KDE.

There is a command line program called sox that can convert between various sound formats.

If you are encoding CD's, open the CD in konqueror. Enter "audiocd:/" in the address bar. Then you can drag and drop selections from the CD in various formats.

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