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Inchoate 05-24-2005 11:24 AM

KDE 3.3 Bad Monitor Switching on Desktop Switching

I have a dual monitor setup using KDE 3.3 on SuSe AMD64 2.6.11-7.

When I upgraded my machines from KDE 3.2 to 3.3, ALT-TAB and CTRL-TAB application/desktop switching now crosses over physical monitors and is extremely annoying. It also seems to happen randomly, which is even worse.

For example, if I want to ALT-TAB to another application in the left monitor, where the focus currently is, I used to just hit ALT-TAB until the application I wanted had focus. Now, if I'm lucky, that happens; nearly 80% of the time, the focus will switch to another application but now in the right monitor. This is annoying b/c I now have to touch the mouse to get the pointer back into the left monitor, recycle through the apps, and what's more is that the focus in the right monitor is now in a program I didn't want to have focus. Arg!

Ideas? Comments?

Dual Opteron 246 w/2GB Registered RAM
2-SATA 150GB drives
NVidia 6800 GT Ultra (0x40) v. 7174
2.6.11-7 SMP AMD64
SuSe 9.2 for AMD64

Many thanks,

-- Inchoate

Inchoate 05-25-2005 03:00 PM


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