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mac57 01-19-2005 10:29 AM

KDE 3.3.2 - Mouse Wheel Only Scrolls in KDE Apps
I have been playing with Mandrake 10.1 CE, which comes with KDE 3.2.x. Yuchh! After working with Yoper 2.1 on another computer (Yoper 2.1 comes with KDE 3.3.0), I had to have KDE 3.3.x - SO much better. So, I went to, and downloaded the konstruct builder and built it! 5 1/2 hours later (that's how long it took to download, compile and build KDE 3.3.2!) I have KDE 3.3.2 working just fine on Mandrake 10.1 CE.

Well, almost. Just one problem: I have two mice on the system, one a bog standard Microsoft PS/2 wheel mouse and the other a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB mouse (actually, Wireless Intellimouse Explorer). In both cases, after the KDE 3.3.2 upgrade, the mouse wheel doesn't work properly anymore.

In Firefox (1.0), scrolling the wheel now acts like I pressed the Back or Forward buttons, instead of scrolling down the page. In other applications, it just seems to be ignored entirely. But, in KDE applications, such as Konquerer, Kuickshow, etc. if I have the pointer over the scroll bar, rolling the wheel WILL scroll: if I have it in the body of the window, various things happen, depending on the application.

Can any of you KDE 3.3.x experts tell me how the upgrade to KDE 3.3.2 from KDE 3.2.3 could have done this? Scrolling USED to work before the upgrade. I suspect that KDE 3.3.2 is mapping the scroll events to something that Firefox (among others) don't recognize, but that other KDE apps DO recognize. Can anyone point me at where this happens, or point me to something else I could use to fix it? Thanks!

In a similar manner, the good 'ol START key on my keyboard has also stopped working. On Yoper 2.1, pressing this key brings up the KDE menu. Can anyone tell me how to restore that function as well? I thought it was KDE's KHotKeys functionality that did this, and since it works on Yoper 2.1, I examined its KDE KHotKeys setup. Unfortunately, I can't see anything connected in any way to the KDE menu.

Any and all help appreciated!

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