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Boyer 10-18-2004 02:47 AM

KDE 3.2 Upgrade to KDE 3.3 Problems!
Hey all!
I recently upgraded my KDE 3.2 to KDE 3.3 using konstruct. I installed it to a seperate directory, incase it didn't work correctly. However, I forgot to set a different config file dir.

I followed the directions in the README for konstruct, which says to export some vars, then restart X, which I did (I added the new vars to my .bashrc)

When I restarted X, the usual blue screen came up (mdkkdm), followed by the KDE 3.3 splash screen. Then, my new desktop with imported settings.

On my next reboot (about 10 minutes later) all I got was the blue screen. No splash, no desktop. I had to revert back to 3.2, while a lot of my settings were converted to 3.3 and now some apps won't work.

Has anyone experianced this problem before? Any suggestions as to what I could do to make KDE 3.3 work?

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