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qwijibow 02-07-2004 05:54 PM

kde 3.2 COnfigure desktop hangs, "start" meue freezes
ive just installed KDE 3.2 o fedora core 1.

its pretty, but
i cant change the desktop backgroung.

i right click the desktop, hit configure desktop, but if i click the backgrounds tab, the window stops responding.

also, somtimes the start menu frezzes, but hitting the ctrl key free's it up again.. strange.

should i ty re-installing, or is this just a bug in the 3.2 KDE version ?

Anzxio 02-07-2004 06:52 PM

I get the freezing menu problem as well :( It's actually very annoying!

rtt2 02-07-2004 08:26 PM

yup, same thing here, it freezes on me on occasion when trying to access the "start" menu.
Hitting random keys seems to unfreeze it--last time I hit Alt and Escape at the same time and that did it.

I'm running fedora core 1 with kernel 2.6.1.

Any ideas? Other than that I must say it's very very nice.

qwijibow 02-08-2004 06:06 AM

<<----- Deserves a good slapping.

hands up who tried to Update kdelibs kdebase or qt wile KDE was running...

[[raises hand and looks embarased]]

yep...... im an idiot.

fixed it by dropping out of X to runlevel 3
su -
init 3

(or just log out if your default runlevel is runlevel 3)

rpm -e kdebase --nodeps
rpm -e kdebase --nodeps
rpm -e qt --nodeps

rpm -Uvh kdebase*.rpm kdelibs*.rpm qt-3*.rpm

i remember that i had not shutdown the progras i was updating when runing a few kde progs from command line, and getting seg-faults in .so files that should have been replaced by the update.

seems forcing kde3.2 to run on kde 3.1 libs was my problem,

any of u guys get caught by the same trap ?

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