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LeandroTLZ 10-15-2003 10:52 PM

KBGear JamCam problem with gphoto2
Hey there.

I have a (very cheap) digital camera, the KBGear JamCam. I never liked that the Windows drivers tend to 'autoadjust' the levels and the images end up looking worse, so imagine my joy when I was able to install it in Mandrake 9.1 without needing anything and gphoto2 downloaded the images just like the camera had them without any 'adjusting', so the colors look way better in Linux than Windows.

However, there's one problem: areas of 9x3 pixels are screwed up at regular intervals in the photos. That doesn't happen with the Windows drivers, so it's not a camera problem -- plus searching in Google I found a page where somebody else talks about the same problem. (I'd post the URL but the forum won't let me; just search for 'jamcam pixel errors' in Google, it's the first hit.) I've been thinking in making a program that simply recreates the missing pixels by interpolation of the ones at the top, left and right, but first I thought I'd post here and see if somebody else knows of a patch.

I read something about 'removing a hack for older versions of the camera' in a webpage, but it was just a passing reference with no pointers to the source or anything.

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