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mansizerooster 09-14-2005 11:08 AM

Kaffeine file association problems (and some other niggles ;p)
Hi everyone

I am running Mandriva 2005 LE on Pentium IV, 512Mb RAM and have a NVIDIA MMX 440.

The Kaffeine RPM that came with my distro had a nasty bug in it that caused Kaffeine to still run processes after I exited the program, so I uninstalled it as well as Xine, and installed the newest edition of Kaffeine -

[doug@localhost ~]$ kaffeine --v
Main: XInitThreads()
[INFO] If Kaffeine hangs here run 'configure --with-xinit-workaround' and recompile/reinstall.
Qt: 3.3.4
KDE: 3.3.2
Kaffeine Player: 0.7.1

The problem is that media files no longer associate with Kaffeine, even after I manually set them to, and after the system says it has updated the system configuration to reflect this. I have done this through the right-click menu on a media file, and through the KDE->Components-> File Associations menu. I tried doing all this while logged in as doug, and while logged in as root. Still no luck.

Also, since I installed the last nvidia drivers, when i power down the list of processes being shut down goes really weird, sort of like it's really heavily magnified in at a section of the screen, and it flickers. It doesn't look nice, and I would like to stop it.

Last problem. I installed a new bootsplash screen (ThinkLinux), and I am only able to enable it by using the command 'anililo' in the shell. If I select lilo with graphical interface from the Command Centre, it boots up with the non-graphical lilo interface.

Thanks for any help and sorry for writing such a huge entry.

SlackerLX 09-15-2005 07:58 PM

About file association. There is much easier way to achieve positive result than going "through the KDE->Components-> File Associations menu".
R-click on media file you want to associate with Kaffeine, let us say file.avi
select properties on pop-up menu and you'll need general tab to use. On line of type there is a little icon-bitton called "edit file type" Click on it and you'll be at "Application Preference Order" where you select the desired application, let's say Kaffeine and move it to the very up of the order, using button "move up". That's it. Apply and OK

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