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MA Craddy 03-09-2004 11:05 AM

k3b setup doesn't save 'saved' settings.
When I save settings in k3b setup. (In this case changing the Cdrdao driver to generic-mmc,) it seems to think it is actually saving the settings, but it doesn't. (The 'All changes have been saved' box appears etc.)

This is made more frustrating as it all worked fine when I installed the same system (SuSE 8.2) last month before my hard drive went down and I was forced to start again from scratch.

The package doesn't seem happy as the k3b logo flutters around the mouse pointer for about 30 seconds after opening the package. (?) Waiting to implement the change until after it'd settled wasn't successful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MA Craddy

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