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linmix 03-23-2005 05:19 PM

K3B: mp3 to music Cd issue
I've been burning some rather large mp3 files to audio-cd with K3B (about 60 to 75 minutes) and have found that the beginning, and especially the end of the files once burned to cd are incomplete.
In the last one I did experienced a loss of as much as 5 minutes at the end. Now the file was 65 minutes long, bitrate 62.500kbps, 44100Hz, 16 bit stereo. I also know K3B used DAO. I burned at 4x and didn't do anything else while I burned the cd and the buffer never went under about 85%. I'm thinking that maybe the compression was too much for DAO to handle and that it would do a better job at, say, 64 bit, or even 128, but I'd like to confirm that before I waste any cd's on the attempts.
Is there any other way to avoid this problem?

pawn-o-matic 03-24-2005 12:32 PM

If you have 700mo free space, try converting your file to wav with mpg123 or mpg321 or anything else before burning.


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