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corpus_delicti 06-09-2004 02:04 AM

Java/KDE Application Framework Problem in KDevelop 3.0

I'm starting a kde project programmed in java, but i'm running into some problems with the application framework code that kdevelop starts you off with. If I try to compile and run the program (just the initial code that kdevelop gives with the framework) I run into several errors. There are a few errors where it looks like methods are used incorrectly and I don't know how to fix them. And there are other errors that say " cannot resolve symbol " and then it lists the class that cannot be resolved.

I know it's reading the external packages ok, so this isn't the problem.

If anyone has had this problem, or knows to fix this problem, your help is appreciated. Also, if anyone would like to take the time to try and recreate this problem, be my guest. (In order for the external packages to be used you must set CLASSPATH to the external packages. For me it was $ export CLASSPATH=/opt/kde3/lib/java/koala.jar:/opt/kde3/lib/java/qtjava.jar)

perry 08-29-2004 12:53 PM


"export CLASSPATH=/opt/kde3/lib/java/koala.jar:/opt/kde3/lib/java/qtjava.jar"
my updated /etc/profile.d/
PHP Code:

# KDE additions:


- perry

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