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Yngwye 05-09-2001 05:24 PM

Hello there!

So here i am with a freshly installed SuSE Linux on my hdb and an installation of Win2k on hda, both living happily together...and suddenly a pleasant surprise! My isdn TA actually WORKS under LINUX! It is configured almost automatically...everything's i start KInternet...and here i am on the net browsing away and checking my mail!

Just like a dream...that suddenly turns into a nightmare!

As soon as i try to change my connection to configure my account with another provider...BANG! it gives me CHAP identification failed!

Anyway to make a long story short, almost by mistake, i checked the bios, then my hardware configuration on win2000 and on Linux and it appears that the built-in USB hub of the mainboard and my isdn TA share the same IRQ! That was something i had never realized under win2k, but why does it create conflict under Linux? And why should they share the same IRQ?

In the bios i even disabled irq for usb, or forced the irq of the isdn TA from the one of the usb, but it seems useless! whatever irq i set the isdn TA, the usb hub follows it! If i set the TA on 10, the hub sets itself automatically on 10 and so on...

Here is my config:

Minboard: Asus P2 (VIA chipset) upgraded with Viatech 4.29 drivers

BIOS: Award (Fresh from flashing)

Memory: 128 SDRAM

Pointing devices: Logitech MarbleMouse USB using its PS/2 adapter

slot 1,2,3: EMPTY
slot 4: Target World 2000 isdn TA

PCI 2: Creative sbwave 64

AGP: Creative Blaster Riva TNT 16Mb (NVidia Chipset)

If someone could tell me what i have done wrong i would really appreciate it! :)

Thanks in advance,


rshaw 05-09-2001 07:59 PM

the one thing i,ve found with suse 7.1 is that you need to do all you network configuring with yast 1, yast 2 must have some bugs left in it, because every time i try it, i get all sorts of odd network problems.

Yngwye 05-10-2001 01:13 AM

what about the irq?
But what about the irq sharing? Is it normal for the isdn TA to share the same irq with a mainboard built-in feature such as the USB ports?

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