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phrostbhyte 03-09-2012 06:32 PM

Is using Iceweasel on Kubuntu possible?
Hello everyone! ;) In case you're wondering this is the question you probably expect it to be: is there a way to use Iceweasel (not Icecat) in *buntu [oneiric or otherwise]? I'm perfectly aware that it's literally pretty much the same program, just rebranded, but I've come to love the name/icons/etc. on my debian distro and would rather use it than the firefox I use on Kubuntu :D Call me crazy but that's just me. I've googled my fingers off looking for a Kubuntu port but with little luck. Any help would be *greatly* appreciated. It may seem like a `stupid little nitpicking problem' but it's important to me. Icecat is ok (I've tried it) but sadly incompatible for some of the addons I use with firefox :banghead: I know I could just hack together a package with the Iceweasel icons but I'm not fond of kluges :)

Also I apologize to anyone who thinks I'm stupid for using Kubuntu lol! I do have a debian wheezy distro but as I'm a developer I have three other distros as well (Kubuntu being one) and happen to enjoy it nearly as much as debian, Fedora and Gentoo :cool: Linux ftw! Anyway, thanks in advance for *any* help :)

craigevil 03-10-2012 03:35 AM

grab the source from the debian repos and build a deb.

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