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john_walsh54 10-10-2003 06:19 AM

Is this what they mean by dependency hell?
I installed Mandrake 9.1. with the applications I wanted and got the recommended updates for those apps using red carpet.
I did this for 6 weeks but then I discovered I needed to install cvs to install linux drivers for my recently purchased wireless card. However, cvs dependencies (openssh) were of a more recent version (updates via red carpet) than those required for cvs. For me to install cvs, I was requested to remove the latest versions and install the older versions. I did that but the install aborted anyway.
Does this mean all software has to use the same version of a dependency? Can I not have different versions of the same dependency for different apps?
To top it all off, I took a suggested red carpet update but it broke red carpet because red carpet forgot to update one of its depencencies.
Six weeks ago, I decided to install the apps I needed rather than installing everything. I never thought I would need cvs in the future, but to avoid this dependency hell from reoccuring you need to install everything to be safe. Shurely, there is a better way out of this dependency hell?

salparadise 10-10-2003 07:52 AM

the urpmi command sounds like what you need
it comes with mandrake
go here and follow the instructions
the upshot is this:
you type (as root) urpmi followed by the name of the app you want installed. As long as it's on the list it will install it, it will install what is needed in the way of dependencies to.

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