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spiroth10 07-10-2016 01:41 AM

is there a project interested in creating a tablet interface environment, and a distro around it?
I just figured with the decent specced x86 tablets we have now for cheapish (core m-m3, i5/7 -- teh asus, hp, acer, surface etc...) that there would be interest in developing a tablet specific user interface as opposed to an ordinary desktop environment that somehow handled GTK, x window, and kde interfaces in a unique way.

Ive always firmly believed the power in terms of hardware and software accessibility really made a true full desktop pc tablet far superior.

linux as opposed to windows 8 or 10 probably run faster and more efficiently (less wattage) with less system resources,

but the real power of linux is that we as a community can come together and make a killer interface that bridges the two worlds better.

the power of the linux community, at least in my memory, is its diversity -- that for every problem, there are scores of solutions.

I remember being fascinated by all the types of desktop environments out there -- and today its pretty well dominated by the offspring of kde, gnome and xfce... although many projects still exist.

Ive seen the zen interface, that kde plasma and a few other projects...

but nothing that really tries to "merge" the concept of a design similar to android and ios in simplicity, but expanded in such a way as to still accomodate ordinary pc usage.

the real reason, I believe, that full x86 tablets dont get the respect they deserve (aside from battery life, heat) isnt becasue of the concessions to accommodating desktop apps -- but rather its inefficiency - desktop based main interface that uses too much resources. design. inability to give notifications while in power save mode.

I have an idea in my head. If a project doesnt exist I want to start one and get people interested. if it doesnt start now, or hasnt already. it will soon. its inevitable.

I feel like, with the power of GNU and the linux kernel and the whole open source community, we can make a tablet linux environment, then a distro,

one that runs really snappy, with few system resources. keeping in mind the designs that make other mobile based tablets good - the efficiency and general design ideas -- and make a sweet amalgamation of the best ideas.

these little 800mhz-2ghz broadwell chips may not be fast for windows 10 -- but im damn sure they would absolutely BLAZE with a minimalistic, custom compiled kernel and a light interface that worked more as a combination of iOS and android -- except allowing for apps to pop up in the traditional desktop computer style, and function with standard hardware or an auto pop up keyboard.

Im absolutely POSITIVE it can be done. thats how android was made in the first place. except true open source linux x86 tablet os would be far superior.

think of the possibilities!!! a super fast tablet, with pretty good hardware support and a wide array of software (all open source) and utilities -- surrounded by an environmente of open source coding. the app gap will affect even iphones and linux will be king when people find that treasure of a cheap old 2 in 1

and surface pro? You could have 3d desktop effects with Iris pro gpu that would make ipad pro eye candy look like penguin droppings ;)

after core m I dont know how this has not happened yet.

similar styles of window managers already exist, and I know it would be really fast and efficient on these processors.

I truly feel like linux could be the most superior tablet OS -- made by and for the users. taking the best choices, in the democratic sense, of currently available commercial tablets, while at the same time, retaining the power of hardware and software compatibility in a more balanced way.

if anyone can succeed at this goal, it is the linux community before any corporation. We have no desire to make money, or limit users or impede security. all we have is common dreams of how these things should run and experiences of what we WISH we could do with the technology we already have.

Im not very experienced or good at code. I want to go back to college for coding, and i know some, but im not good enough to undertake this alone.

if there is a project out there already working toward this end, Id love to contribute, and if not I really want to find likeminded people and try to design a linux tablet os.

I have a dream.

that dream is that we can make linux more mainstream than ever. Not by selling tablets with linux on them like the ubuntu ones -- but by creating a linux operating system designed with that in mind, distributed free like a normal distro.

that people with these weak tablets, or possibly even people who pick them up way later. not the atom ones, but the full intel ones. they will want a more efficient, tablet style os that STILL accomplishes the 2 in 1 laptop replacement goal.

faster and lighter than windows, no walled gardens to impede user activity, the design and efficient style we all love about the ipad and android style device, and all the compatibility.

I bet we can even make some kind of power save mode imitation, maybe only a mere shell of a cell phone style device, but some kind of mimicking of it.

sorry for ranting, but the idea obviously excites me. I see so much potential for these new devices.

and I want to be part of what I think could be the ultimate tablet OS - a true ipad killer for the geeks amongst us.

and im sure it will happen someday with or without me. but its about time it starts.

so if anyone else is interested, or knows a project working on this idea, please point me towards them.

Keruskerfuerst 07-10-2016 05:28 AM

You need a slim GUI (like XFCE or LXDE or similar).

This does exit.

The main problem is the touchscreen.
It must be calibrated to have a working input device.

Something for Xorg or Wayland.

jefro 07-11-2016 03:32 PM

There have been a few projects trying to get the tablet going. Not any of them so far seem to have won the support of users other than maybe cyanogenmod.

I think Ubuntu even had one and stopped it at least for downloads. They are now offering a tablet.

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