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TheMusicGuy 04-01-2004 11:59 PM

Is There a Game Making System for Linux?
Hey there, I make games as a hobby, and I've been wondering...what's the best and easiest game-creating system for Linux? (Possibly an IDE or RAD..not needed, but helps)
The best I can find so far are libraries that work with some C++ compiler I don't have, and Pygame...

So, yeah, it's not that urget...just wondering.

Mega Man X 04-02-2004 04:48 AM

Hi TheMusicGuy!!!

Well, since you don't want Pygame, which is the one that I'm using, there's one, an awesome one, called Torque Game Engine. I've only seem a demo of this engine running in my WinXP box and it looks great. It is very known on the net for it netplay capabilities and cross platform (will run under Linux, Windows and Mac), meaning that porting your game can be very profitable. Unlike most of the engines around (3D Rad, DarkBasic, BlitzBasic, A4/A5, Jamagic... and so many others that I've tried...) this one provides also the source code, meaning that if something does not work as you want, and that you are good with C++, you may fix it :). Scripts for the engine are made with a C-script language. Basically it's an "easier" C language. Code snippets, tutorials, forums and much more are offered by them...

Problem: I cannot afford that :(. It costs only 100 bucks, but I'm pretty broken to get something like that, but you bet I would if I could afford it :).

Get a demo at and see the engine in action as well. Very nice ;).

Good luck mate!

TheMusicGuy 04-07-2004 01:26 AM

Hmm...something about the license sounds iffy to me, but I'm broke too, and cheap...on the other hand, it sounds like it has some rather nifty features.
I could think about this one... :)

Thanks for pointing this out to me!

Mega Man X 04-07-2004 03:39 AM

Cool, my pleasure :). Looks like we both need to get a summer job at Burger King :p

TheMusicGuy 04-09-2004 05:06 PM

Ah...I was thinking about EPC computers. :)

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