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mrizos 03-22-2005 09:00 PM

Is the evolution Connector for Exchange free?
Is the Evolution Connector for Exchange 2000/2003 free? If so can someone point me to the binaries?


Nis 03-22-2005 09:42 PM

That depends on what distribution you're running. I know the Exchange connector is free but I'm not sure if Evolution needs it compiled at the same time or if you can add it later (like a plugin system). Knowing your distribution would be very helpful.

mrizos 03-22-2005 09:59 PM

I'll be using either suse 9.2 or Fedora Core 3

Nis 03-22-2005 10:07 PM

Both SUSE 9.2 and Fedora Core 3 have the Exchange connector for Evolution available (and installed by default I believe).

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