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xportus 03-04-2004 05:07 PM

DOes any one know of any proxy i could use that support irc so i could stay anoymous for redhat linux9.

DrOzz 03-04-2004 05:49 PM

maybe try using an anonymouse proxy ...
go and search for one, and add it to your
irc settings .. that may work ..
alot of servers don't support it, but i don't
know what server your connecting to...

xportus 03-04-2004 06:03 PM thats the one

DrOzz 03-04-2004 06:08 PM

well did you try adding an anonymous proxy to the settings and see if it allows you ?

xportus 03-04-2004 06:19 PM

yes i did and it did not work

king_nothingzzz 03-04-2004 06:33 PM

Hey Dr Guru

This is not the subject of discussion, but it is related to irc tho. I thought it is better than start a new thread...

I have tried different irc clients (like Ksirc, Xchat,etc), but none seem to connect....

i am behind a proxy server.....Everytime i have set the proxy server name, port, username, and password....but no use...

Any idea, what might be wrong???



[WebCarnage] 03-04-2004 09:44 PM

You could try searching for public (or find private) BNCs (Bouncers) or VHosts...

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