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mahantya 03-26-2007 05:08 PM

iPod detection issue with Banshee: - strange output!
I'm using openSUSE 10.2 and have installed Helix Banshee 0.11.2 package that comes with the distro.

I'm trying to sync my iPod (Video 30GB) music library but Banshee doesn't shows/detects my ipod. I'm able to view my ipod in the GNome Nautilus file browser though.

I read about the IPod Raid bug and downloaded from Banshee's website. But when I execute the script, I get few lines of info and a warning at the end - "This iPod suffers from the volume.fsusage=raid bug. As such, it cannot be used in Banshee.... "

Now when I go through the entire info, I see the following values for volume.fsusage

volume.fsusage = 'filesystem' (string)
volume.fsusage = '' (string)

I find the above values and the warning at the end quite contradictory.

So how do I get my ipod to work with Banshee? My iPod has the following values as per output.

Device Info
Model Number: MA002
Device Model: Video (White)
iPod Generation: Fifth (5)
Adv. Capacity: 30 GB
Is New: YES
Writable: YES
Firmware Version: 6.1.2

Please help.

thanks & regards,

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