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Melhisedek 04-30-2007 10:20 AM

Ipod, audiobooks and "Remember the last position" troubles
Hello there folks,
well my latest problem seems to be ipod related :)

I listen to a lot of audiobooks on my ipod so I need a "bookmark" option, or "remember last position" option that Itunes have. I've tried Amarok, gtkpod and Rhythmbox but none of them seems to have that option Any ideas ?

PenguinsAreGood 05-01-2007 10:05 PM

On gtkpod 0.99.8

right click the song you want to rember playback position

on the general tab on the bottom (you may have to scroll down) there is a few checkboxes, select the one to Remember Playback Postion and optionally Skip when shuffling.

Melhisedek 05-02-2007 09:37 AM

Can't wait to get home to try this out :)

Melhisedek 05-02-2007 04:15 PM

Sadly I can't seem to find the place with checkboxes or Remember Playback Position :(

When i right click I get:

Now this is even with menu open so you can see what I see... Could you please explain it a bit closer?

PenguinsAreGood 05-03-2007 08:32 PM

It looks like you are using an older version. gtkpod 0.99.8 was the first version to have feature you are looking for. You will need to upgrade to that version.

BTW I forgot when you right click you will need to select Edit Track Details

Melhisedek 05-04-2007 04:51 PM

Well it certainly says gtkpod 0.99.8 both on Help->About screen and in Synaptic Package Manager :/

I took another screenshot showing both About screen and the other tab from Right Click->Properties window...

Could you please take a screenshot of what you see so I can compare it and possibly contact the author of the software?

PenguinsAreGood 05-04-2007 10:20 PM

At this point all I can think of is that fedora breaks on most upgrades (mp3 support and such). I had to compile it myself. As you can see my screenshot looks quite different than yours.

Melhisedek 05-05-2007 03:15 AM

I see thanks a lot mate, I'll try and see if I can solve this one somehow, perhaps its time for me to learn to compile stuff myself ;)

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