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aitzim 11-16-2005 11:10 PM

international fonts in OpenOffice2
I would like to use some international fonts, namely Bengali, in OpenOffice2 but they are being shown as English, except for one that came with OpenOffice: AkrutiBng2. Which I hate.

The fonts are TrueType and I've installed the fonts through the KDE control center.

All the fonts--except for one--showed up as English in Konqueror's preview. But the one that did display properly in Konqueror's preview and in the preview of Control Center, stil shows up as English in OpenOffice. I wasn't expecting the other fonts to work, but I was hoping this one would.

I'm not really looking to localize my desktop to Bengali, just to use some fonts in a word processor. I've read something about 'locales', but I'm not sure if that applies to my situation or how to go about adding 'locales'. I guess the situation would be the same for anyone adding fonts that have non-latin scripts (chinese, arabic, etc)

shengchieh 11-18-2005 10:20 PM

Nobody answering. Maybe ask in (OpenOffice Forums)


aitzim 11-19-2005 01:40 AM

Thanks, I guess I should have checked if OpenOffice had a forum first. Googling the subject did not bring up their forum though.

I assumed that there might have been an chinese/arabic/indian/japanese/hebrew/thai/korean person in this forum who had ran into the same problem as I.

JDW 11-23-2005 12:49 AM

Hi Aitzim,

I hope you have had luck with this by now, if not, you need to install the fonts through Open Office (not just KDE) - to do so you need to locate a program called "spadmin" in your open office program directory (in Ubuntu it is located in /usr/lib/openoffice2/program/spadmin - I don't know where it may be in Suse). When you run that, press the fonts button and you should be able to add your extra Bengali fonts...

Good luck!


aitzim 10-29-2007 09:46 AM

Sorry to bump such an old thread, been away from the site for a while.

In case anyone else is having this issue, I was able to resolve the issue by changing the keyboard input layout to Bengali.

US layout + Bengali fonts = English

Bengali layout + Bengali fonts = Bengali

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