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ElectroLinux 03-31-2008 06:32 PM

Installing vmplayer for multiple kernels
I'm trying to install vmplayer1.0 (has to be 1.0 and not the latest & greatest). I just installed a new kernel and now I have to reinstall it. After I reran the script, it worked for the new kernel. However, i booted my last kernel and now vmplayer does not work. Re-installing it on the old kernel, uninstalls it on the new kernel. This is on RHEL3 and i'm using the extracted tar.

The options for is only a -d which just installs default options.

How can I install vmplayer on multiple kernels?

scheidel21 04-02-2008 10:34 AM

I don't think it can I believe the vmware modules are compiled against the current running kernel. Can you try migrating to something like VirtualBox or xen? VirtualBox would be more ideal but there is no direct way I know of that can use your vmware virtual HD with VirtualBox, however, boot VB with a live CD and running the VMware player you could connect to the VMWARE machine and dd the HD to the new VB virtual HD

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