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madani 03-14-2009 02:10 PM

Installing Python package including numpy , scipy,mpi4py , pycxx , symeig
Hi dear friends;
I need a python package which includes::
Would you lead me to proper address for free download ? and direct me for installation.
I will use it on a 64 bit linux which is centOS 5.2 .

I have tried downloading and installing them separately, before, But they were depending on other and several prerequisits. That is a demanding job.
Can you tell me an easy command to installing automatically what I need and all their prerequisits? you know ,I'm a newbie in Linux ,so please kindly lead me step by step and completely.!!!

Much thanks for your attention and help

knudfl 03-14-2009 07:22 PM

Read about numpy, scipy :

# yum -y install numpy scipy python-devel openmpi-devel
> > mpi4py-0.6.0.tar.gz
tar xvf mpi4py-0.6.0.tar.gz
'cd mpi4py-0.6.0/' ... 'su' ..
# 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/openmpi/1.2.5-gcc/bin:/usr/bin'
# 'python install'
# 'exit'
> > pycxx-5.4.2.tar.gz .. tar xvf pycxx-5.4.2.tar.gz ..
'cd pycxx-5.4.2/' .. 'su' .. # 'python install'

And have a look in 'Demo/', you will have to edit '' :
> Just delete line 1...36 , then it will work.
# 'cd Demo/' .. # 'python install'
and please read the README link for running the demos.
> > symeig-1.5.tar.gz .. 'tar xvf symeig-1.5.tar.gz' ..
'cd symeig-1.5/' .. 'su' .. # 'python install'
That's it, good luck !

You will need the '' repo
Please click "RPM Fusion free for RHEL5 or compatible like CentOS"
and "RPM Fusion nonfree for RHEL5 or compatible like CentOS"
and install the two small downloaded packages with
the command # 'rpm -Uvh <package> <package>'
All the above works on CentOS 5.2 - x86,
I guess, that it will work on 64 bit too.
The 'export PATH' may be a little different,
if the openmpi is located in /usr/lib64/, please
check the location with the command
'rpm -ql openmpi-devel'

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