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juzchillin 05-01-2004 09:53 PM

Installing Mac OSX bin in mandrake 9.1
I'm attempting to goto the launch website and viewing streaming movies, and I've downloaded netscape 7.1 on my mandrake 9.1 box, however, I also need windows media player installed in order to view the movies, now there is a Mac OSX .bin installer file that I can choose from at the microsoft media player website and I know that mac osx runs on BSD, is there a way for me to run this file, or port it to mandrake linux in order for me to enjoy the sites on the internet that I can't normally without windows media... again bill gates tightens his grip on me... grrrrr.

heema 05-01-2004 10:50 PM

u could install windows media player using Wine , check this site out :

juzchillin 05-02-2004 12:51 AM

installed wine, and when windows media player goes thru its whole extracting files for install, it'll eventually give me an error message like unable to get updates, then just crashes, got bless windows , even in emulation also crashes *Sighs*

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