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josemalo 02-27-2006 01:29 PM

installing ffmpeg for opencv
Hi all,

This is my first question under linuxquestions :)

I'm installing opencv (computer vision library) under fedora core 4.

It works fine by:

1. Installing ffmpeg:

$ yum install ffmpeg (required by opencv)

2. Installing opencv itself:

make install # as root
ldconfig # as root

Then I can execute succesfully most of the demos,... however I canot use any
ffmpeg depented functionality since ffmpeg is not correctly linked (shared
libs seems not installed)

The installation instructions indicate to install fmmpeg by

getting ffmpeg-0.4.9-pre1 from sourceforge
./configure --enable-shared
make install

However this doesnt work for me,... while using yum is fine.

Then the question is how can I enable/install the shared libs by
using yum?,... is there a command to specify this,..?,...

The consequence of using yum for installing ffmpeg is that when doing after ./configure under opencv the ffmpeg stuff is not recognized while I know
ffmpeg is installed in the computer.

Thanks !!


josemalo 02-27-2006 10:34 PM

Self reply, solved with gcc32
I will self reply ,...

What I did is to use an older version of gcc. Fedora c 4 comes with gcc 4.0
by default, but there is also a gcc32 which is more relaxed for these kind of errors.

In such way I managed to instal ffmpeg fine.



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