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drjones69 06-12-2005 03:08 PM

Installing additional GCC versions
Evening all!

Just been messing around with KDE 3.4 (on Mandrake 10.2/Mandriva LE2005). Amongst other things that happing during install (installed via uprmi), is that I installed GCC-4.0. All well and good, no major probs with anything.

I just put the new ATI drivers on (V 8.14.13), and when I came to compile the module realised I need GCC-3.4 on there. However I when I come to install GCC-3.4 via urpmi it moans that I've already got it installed (I can only assume it's seeing 4.0 and going 4.0 > 3.4). I was going to to uprmi --allow-force, but got scared. So the meat of the question is "How can install GCC-3.4 alongside GCC-4.0 on Mandrake, with the minimum of fuss".

Please note, I am aware how to select which version to use in a compile operation, it's just the installation I'm stuck with.


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