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plisken 10-03-2004 02:25 PM

Installed Spamassassin, what now?
I'm running Slack9.1 as a mail and web server and things have been going quite nicely since moving from RedHat...

I've installed Spamassassin, not the easiest of tasks, but managed to get it intalled, but that is about it, I'm at a loss.

I need to know how to get it running, do I need to create an entry in /etc/rc.d ?

I have the following files:
all located here: /usr/bin/ (all executable)

I've ready that you run it from Procmail, but I am not 100% sure if I am using this, as there is no /etc/procmailrc file, nor is there any .procmailrc files for any of my users.

However, when I built my file the file contained the following 3 lines at the bottom of the configuration file:


I'm however of the understanding that it if there is no procmail configuration files, either system wide or on a per user basis, then sendmail will deliver mail to the users default mail box.

All help and pointers would be greatly appreciated, as I am currently receiving in excess of 1000 SPAM e-mails per day and it is really getting beyond a joke.

Thanks in advance...

btmiller 10-03-2004 02:53 PM

You need to start up spamd when the system starts. Then you need to call spamc from within your procmail script, or you can set up a Sendmail milter to call spamc whenever mail is received. This is useful in vhosting environments where users don't have home directories or procmail files, but not the easiest thing to get set up. For you, probably just running out of your .procmailrc will be fine. I found a nice guide with a lot of details for getting this all set up at -- hopefully it will come in handy for you.

plisken 10-03-2004 06:45 PM

Can't get spamd to start, no errors, it just sits there...

plisken 10-11-2004 10:21 AM

got it working, for the benifit of others heres what I did.

Obviously get it downloaded and installed.

I added the following to each users .procmailrc file

:0 fw: spamc.lock
* < 256000
| /usr/bin/spamc -f

You can use a system wide .procmailrc file, which I think would reside in /etc/ but as I do not wish to have Spam Checking for all users, I opted to go for this method.
There are a few websites that explain the purpose of the above text file.

I added the following command to start the spamd (spamdaemon) in an /etc/rc.d file:
I chose to include this with the rc.sendmail file in order to start/stop/reset spamd with sendmail

/usr/bin/spamd -c -d (this starts the spam assassin daemon)

There is one more file I modfied for each applicable user, this is located at /home/USER/.spamassassin/user_prefs
Here you can adjust spamassassin to suit each users requirements.

All in all, I am finding my setup to suit my purposes, there are obviously other applicable files, but the steps mentioned above, were what caught me out.

crashmeister 10-11-2004 12:01 PM

If you want to use procmail thats fine but you can use spamassassin with about anything else out there (kmail,sylpheed,evolution and the likes) much easier.

plisken 10-11-2004 04:48 PM

Wasn't really about choice, but rather, it seemed easier to me to do it this way. As I wised to do it on a per user basis, then it seemed only to be a matter of ading a .procmailrc to each users dir.

It is certainly making my life much, much easier...

wpennington 03-22-2005 03:06 PM


Originally posted by crashmeister
If you want to use procmail thats fine but you can use spamassassin with about anything else out there (kmail,sylpheed,evolution and the likes) much easier.
I would like to use spamassassin with evolution, cannot find information on configuring spamassassin with Evolution 2.0 and would appreciate assistance in configuring spamassassin to work on only one system.

Mandrake 10.1
Evolution 2.0.3
Spamassassin 3.0

I have marked email as Junk, and it appears in the Junk folder for Evolution, but I am not sure that it is running correctly. I have go to /home/mydirectory/.spamassassin and I changed the default to 5 for filtering, and spamassassin is running. I ran the commands
spamassassin -D --lint < sample-spam.txt and spamassassin < sample-spam.txt
but there was no result for either command. I cannot find any configuration assistance for using spamassassin for junk mail as a stand-alone client for Evolution 2.0.


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