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RoaCh Of DisCor 03-20-2005 09:39 PM

Installed menu items.
I installed open office 2.0 (I've done this before..)...and it didn't put an openoffice section into my kmenu. I'm not sure it has before. How can I get it to do it?

I installed open office RPM's on mandrake 10.2

RoaCh Of DisCor 03-20-2005 10:16 PM

Also..before it would let me download an installer...and that automatically did my it's only letting me download RPMS. Anyone know why? :) thanks.

RoaCh Of DisCor 03-22-2005 07:08 PM

Is there a place to download a binary installer for open office 2...I swear before I downloaded one..but now it seems i can only downloads RPMS

reddazz 03-23-2005 12:52 AM

The menu entries seem to only work if you are running Fedora Core or Suse. I think when they create a final product, they will also make a non rpm installer as well as correct the issue with menus. In the meantime, you can access 2 applications from /opt/

RoaCh Of DisCor 03-23-2005 02:16 AM

ok thanks :)

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