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NDR008 05-10-2007 07:52 PM

installation through wine insisting on 'restart'
Hi, I am trying to install a simple software, that I use for university (Engineering), it is just a glorified materials/manufacturing process database. When I run wine setup.EXE of this software package, the installation tells me that Windows needs a restart from a previous installation. I tried deleting .wine and redoing it - still said the same, so it is not a wine config statement saying so - and hence restored the original .wine folder.

Any suggestions how to force the installation?

taxtropel 05-11-2007 02:56 AM

windows software
Have you upgraded wine? 0.9.36 was released on April 27, 2007.

Chances are the software you are trying to install is broken.

You could also try using a version of wine that is more "commercial" such as codeweavers wine or cedega from transgaming.

NDR008 05-11-2007 04:14 AM

actually i downgraded wine because winetools won't work with the latest wine, it doesn't recognise it as a recent version. Also the latest wine gives me an error each time that it couldn't reserve certain memory...

What do you mean broken?

taxtropel 05-11-2007 04:36 AM

I mean: badly written windows software.
Not sure of course...but that's my basic view of most windows software :)

I like using Cedega for hard to install windows programs in Linux
it's like $5US / month (min purchase is 3 months subscription)

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