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sureshot324 01-07-2006 08:04 PM

Install regular firefox instead of ubuntu firefox?
When I run dpkg --list, in the version column for firefox it says 1.0.7-0ubuntu20. I removed firefox with apt-get and reinstalled it, but it's still the same version. I guess ubuntu hasn't updated their firefox to 1.5 yet. Is there any way to install the regular firefox instead of the ubuntu version?

ssfrstlstnm 01-07-2006 09:08 PM

Is there a specific reason why you want firefox 1.5? Some feature that isn't in 1.0.7? I really haven't noticed all that much difference. I suppose you could add another repository or build it from source, but unless you really know what you're doing you may be asking for trouble.

RedShirt 01-07-2006 11:05 PM

Other than tab reordering, Improved skinning and plugin options, built in updater(no more full version installing, just updates) and about a dozen other benefits, very little improved from 1.07 to 1.5.

Sureshot, You may have to install from source to get 1.5, but I would think someone more familiar with ubuntu can tell you are better way. I know on SLICK with apt-get I could apt-get regular FF 1.5, so you probably just need a new apt repository, but I couldn't tell you for sure having just toyed with apt thus far.

ericson007 01-07-2006 11:56 PM

I am using firefox1.5 as well, I just installed it from source. This ofcourse after uninstalling the ubuntu version. It seems that for some sites the new firefox runs a bit quicker than the ubuntu one. You may have a problem where it tells you that it cannot use java (if run from terminal) but that is no problem if you still like to use it. The ubuntu installed java still works. Just make sure you restart the browser properly. The other problem doing this is that you would have to install things like flash and other plugins manually if they can't be downloaded from mozilla because when you install them using packages ubuntu insist on reinstalling it's version. I also tested this and found that when you reinstall the ubuntu one it does not actually seem like it has an effect because the icon created that way still loads version 1.5 and afterwards installing flash and plugins from synaptic seemed to work flawlesly. This might be only for my machine but I thought it was interesting.

Nylex 01-08-2006 12:52 AM

You don't need to install Firefox from source, has a prebuilt binary for Linux.

IBall 01-08-2006 01:06 AM

As Nylex suggested, download the official binary from Extract it to your home directory. You should be able to run firefox by opening the directory that was created, and clicking "firefox".

You should be able to create a shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking and selecting New Launcher.

However, there are no huge advantages to doing so. If I was you, just stick to 1.0.7.

I hope this helps

RedShirt 01-08-2006 08:22 AM

I don't know why people assume 1.5 has no huge advantages...

Automated update to streamline product upgrades. Notification of an update is more prominent, and updates to Firefox may now be half a megabyte or smaller. Updating extensions has also improved.
Faster browser navigation with improvements to back and forward button performance.
Drag and drop reordering for browser tabs.
Improvements to popup blocking.
Clear Private Data feature provides an easy way to quickly remove personal data through a menu item or keyboard shortcut. is added to the search engine list.
Improvements to product usability including descriptive error pages, redesigned options menu, RSS discovery, and "Safe Mode" experience.
Better accessibility including support for DHTML accessibility and assistive technologies such as the Window-Eyes 5.5 beta screen reader for Microsoft Windows. Screen readers read aloud all available information in applications and documents or show the information on a Braille display, enabling blind and visually impaired users to use equivalent software functionality as their sighted peers.
Report a broken Web site wizard to report Web sites that are not working in Firefox.
New support for Web Standards including SVG, CSS 2 and CSS 3, and JavaScript 1.6.
Many security enhancements.

Here is a further list:

Trust me when I say 1.5 is well worth it, and well enhanced.

ssfrstlstnm 01-08-2006 09:22 AM

Worth breaking your system because 1.5 is not in the ubuntu repositories yet? Trust me, I have used 1.5 on my pc at work and unless there is some new feature that you just can't wait to get your hands on you will not notice much of a difference. Sureshot, if you really know what you're doing go ahead and add another repo that has 1.5. If you have to ask how to do that, then you probably shouldn't do it. Ubuntu is really picky about using certain packages, and can get really screwed up if you try changing things.

nickleus 05-02-2006 09:34 AM

Foxmarks doesn't work on any version of firefox except 1.5* so i have also the same question. How do i install it over the 1.0.8 on ubuntu? I downloaded the tar.gz, but it just creates a folder, but doesn't install it anywhere, like IBall said, you just click on the firefox file. couldn't find any binaries for ubuntu, and read in the ubuntu forums that installing somebody's homemade deb wasn't smart so... i guess the answer is to just copy the firefox folder to you home directory and create a link for it (or maybe just simlink the /usr/bin/firefox to /home/youruser/firefox/firefox)..

mcmillan 05-02-2006 03:55 PM

If you want to change there's instructions here. The main issue is that ubuntu linked some stuff to firefox that makes removing the old version pretty risky, so it's more to set things up to have 1.5 alongside the old version. Or you can wait about a month for dapper to go stable and then upgrade.

nickleus 05-03-2006 02:45 AM

how to overwrite ubuntu default firefox with 1.5
hot diggity dog! mcmillan thanks, it worked! sweetness =)

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