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kosmognov 05-12-2006 08:13 AM

install latest versions of python, pygtk and glib
Hello there,

I am having troubles finding which version of what have I got installed and I really just wanted a quick way to uninstall python pygtk and glib so I could start over again.

Thank you in advance

hw-tph 05-12-2006 09:33 AM

That would be distribution specific. Letting us know what distribution you run and how you installed pygtk to begin with would be helpful to us.


kosmognov 05-12-2006 03:30 PM

hey thanks for the quick reply.

The thing is I installed more than one in more than one different way.

One of them was with a package that I can just uninstall with package.

The others where manual installations so I reckon I firstly need to find out where they are and then probably do something like make clean right?

so what do I do when make clean doesn't work? or how can I find out where is what? I'm so puzzled.

Thanks again.

My linux disto is Slackware 10.2 with a 2.4 kernel.

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