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doctorcisco 02-17-2005 04:28 PM

Install GRUB On Both Disks in RAID 1 Pair?
Hello from a n00b:

I've installed Debian testing, kernel 2.6.something, with the rc2 installer. (VERY nice installer!) I successfully created a RAID 1 pair, installed EXT3 file system on md0, and the box boots nicely with / on the RAID. I even have the excess space on the larger disk available via /mnt/noraid.

My question is: If I recall all of that install stuff correctly, GRUB was installed on hd0. What will happen if hd0 fails? Won't the box fail to boot because there's no bootloader on hd1? And how would I go about putting a second copy of GRUB on the box without messing the thing up? If it matters, the 2 hard disks are on the primary IDE controller -- the CD is on the other.


doctorcisco 02-18-2005 08:48 AM


aus9 02-21-2005 03:43 AM

since you bumped it have to take extra opiniions.

raid is bloody hopeless except as a hard drive failure process.

I have no raid as I prefer backups thru cdr and partimage.

(2) its easy to install grub to any mbr once you have linux up
commands in terminal as per my tut are
root (hdX,Y)
setup (hd0)

root (hdX,Y)
setup (hd1)

where hdX,Y defines the /boot partition or / partitiion if /boot is a subfolder

(3) depending on your bios.....when hd0 fails either bios will see only one drive or 2 if it sees only one it will be the (second) one the one that works but if if will have grub flashing on your screen and you then follow my troubleshoooter from my signature to see what to do next

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