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motin 09-07-2006 07:50 AM

In search of a cost-control app for 3g/GPRS - bandwidth control and limiting per app
I manage pretty well with WLAN hotspots, but then in between it _would_ be nice to use the 3G connectivity my cellphone actually offers. I can set it up and connect fine, but then the cost per megabyte is a whopping $1.5 without subscription service (which is an option for the future but not a solution to this problem).

So I am searching for an app that could:

- Initially block all internet connectivity without putting the 3G-link down (that is: block all apps only)
- Easily letting me choose from a list of running applications which ones should be able to access the net, how much bandwidth they are allowed (until I need to manually allow more (preferably after an low bandwidth alarm has sounded)) and how many kilobytes per second they are allowed per app basis
- Manage the settings-changes between profiles like "Cellphone usage" and "WLAN at home" etc, preferably being capable of switching off image-displayal in FF, put thunderbird in offline mode (disabling auto-fetch mail), the above internetblocking options, etc
- Extra - Tracking and showing the actual costs for internet usage per session based on entered information of my tariffs - preferably with a historical statistics function.

This can at least partially, I have heard, be managed with a combination of iptables and an app called ctshaper (at least for outgoing traffic), ethereal and a lot of other manual routines - proving that it can be done. The app that ties this stuff together however - is not to be found at least by me after extensive google searches.

Do you have any ideas? Tips are highly appreciated!

EDIT: NetLimiter ( for Windows is just what I am looking for - but then of course it should run on GNU/Linux instead...! (And preferably be bsd or gpl licensed)

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