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klownska 02-27-2006 01:26 AM

Image Viewer Can't View Image Files.
Hi All,
I just reinstalled Slackware, with Freerock GNOME (both v10.2). I first noticed that Eye of GNOME didn't recognise .png's when I tried to change an icon, now I find it doesn't recognise .bmp's either. The system itself has no problems, I can see the icons, and it even shows a preview when I try to load an image, but when I hit load it shows nothing. The Gimp can open and edit all the files, but gThumb plays the same games as EOG. Anyone have any ideas where I should start with this one.
Cheers. . . . .

timmeke 02-27-2006 02:26 AM

To read bmps (a typical Win format) and png (libpng), you need separate libraries.
Gimp probably has them, since it can work with the files. The other two may simply have a hard time finding the libs.
So, your first option may be to check out those libs and your environment vars (those determine if an app can find system libs or not).

Maybe you'll need to recompile/re-install the 2 apps that don't work, but with png/bmp support (links to the libs).

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