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trist007 08-12-2008 06:12 PM

I'm having problems with Pidgin on Backtrack 3
Pidgin works fine and all. However, when I try to enable an ICQ account, it says that my client is too old and to download the new client at the pidgin website. I go to the website and find out that I have the latest client.

Why is this so? I could use Kopete but I kinda like Pidgin

my dvd drive won't play cds in BT3. It tells me that I need permissions for /dev/cdrom1. I go to the properties of this folder and the permissions are set to root. In BT3 I'm always root so why isn't it working. It also suggested to load up some media modules. Which ones exactly need to be loaded?

Another thing, when I chroot /example/test

what exactly does this do? Does this just make isolate this test folder to be accessed by root? What is the purpose of the chroot command?

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