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suranga 02-10-2005 12:43 AM

iFinger Popup Dictionary
Can anybody tell me how to get iFinger engine to work in Linux. I could install it using WINE but it stalls when the application starts. :scratch:
In windows, this runs in background (in system tray) and can be activated by clicking on system tray icon or using a defined key combination. Doesnít WINE allow this?
For your information:
iFinger Popup Dictionary engine is a very handy tool I found. You can lookup for any selectable text appear on screen with a single key combination. It supports many published dictionaries. I use Oxford English Dictionary. They offer Merriam-Webster Concise Dictionary for free :D Try it at . And almost all other dictionaries are available for a trial period. Itís an impressive tool indeed. But, it does not support Linux. :(
If you know of any similar Linux application, let us know.
Thank you and best regards

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