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Super TWiT 10-31-2011 02:01 PM

Idesk only default icons??
Hi everyone, I am running fluxbox, and i am trying to get icons to display on my desktop using idesk, but it isn't working. It only displays the default icon each time, and doesn't acknowledge my icon. Here's my pc.Ink for pcmanfm, which is stored correctly in the .idesktop folder

table Icon
 Caption: Pcmanfm
 Command: /usr/bin/pcmanfm
 Icon: /home/user/test.xpm
 X: 100
 Y: 50

And yes, test.xpm is in my home directory, and it is 48x48. This is my .ideskrc:

table Config
  FontName: gothic
  FontSize: 11
  FontColor: #37CFA6
  ToolTip.FontSize: 11
  ToolTip.FontName: gothic
  ToolTip.ForeColor: #0000FF
  ToolTip.BackColor: #FFFFFF
  ToolTip.CaptionOnHover: true
  ToolTip.CaptionPlacement: Right
  Locked: false
  Transparency: 100
  Shadow: true
  ShadowColor: #000000
  ShadowX: 1
  ShadowY: 1
  Bold: true
  ClickDelay: 300
  IconSnap: true
  SnapWidth: 10
  SnapHeight: 10
  SnapOrigin: BottomRight
  SnapShadow: false
  SnapShadowTrans: 200
  CaptionOnHover: false
  CaptionPlacement: bottom
  FillStyle: fillinvert
  Background.Delay: 0
  Background.Source: /home/user/.idesktop/
  Background.File: None
  Background.Mode: Center
  Background.Color: #C2CCFF

table Actions
  Lock: control right doubleClk
  Reload: middle doubleClk
  Drag: left hold
  EndDrag: left singleClk
  Execute[0]: left doubleClk
  Execute[1]: right doubleClk

And here is idesk's terminal output:

Idesk starting in :0.0
[idesk] Background's file not found.

The same result happens no matter what, the default icon is displayed, but mine is not...

kilgoretrout 11-01-2011 09:11 AM

It's been a real long time since I've used idesk; used it with icewm back in the day. But IIRC the icons had to be in the png format or idesk wouldn't see the file. You could try converting your icon to the png format and see if it works. If not, my middle age memory has failed me once again.

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