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doctorwebbox 08-09-2004 02:28 AM

Icons and launch feedback with KDE
I have a bunch of scripts that can be called from the K menu or taskbar in KDE. They all have icons associated with their menu entries, the launch feedback will use some of these images but not others, they are all of the same file format (I think it was .png but it may have been .xpm). When the launch feedback doesn't use the icon it just shows a little bouncing cog instead.

I know this is only a cosmetic thing but I am curious.

doctorwebbox 08-11-2004 01:30 PM

Just in case anyone else has this problem. It was because the icon files I was using were on a samba share. I copied the icons folder across to my home folder, pointed the programs at the new folder in the menu editor and Bobs your Uncle - sorted.

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