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djsmiley2k 12-23-2010 10:21 AM

Icecream distrobuted cross compiler
Howdy all...

I've got a HTPC I'm trying to setup with xbmc however under the newest ubuntu it doesn't seem to work correctly. X will randomly drop out and reset itself and other things are flaky too. When seeking help its pretty much dead end as none of the devs or anyone with real knowledge of the system hang around online, and the wiki is largely out of date.

Instead I've decided to install something I know and know well - Gentoo - and then stick on xbmc over the top, at least this way I'll be able to get the help of the gentoo community, who are amazing.

Onto my problem:

Its a HTPC..... Gentoo can involve lots of compiling, and while the system is a nice powerful system, it is going to have issues I think trying to compile everything I want and where possible I'd like to not heat it up too much ;)

The answer I came up with is cross compiling on my two other systems. I'm trying to use icecream for the cross compliation as detailed in : however all I ever see is all the jobs going to the local machine.


[29365] 16:18:52: handle_local_job  137
[29365] 16:18:52: handle_local_job_done 137
[29365] 16:18:52: handle_local_job  138

and the slave never gets any:


tim@Musha ~ $ tail -f /var/log/iceccd
[4855] 16:12:50: scheduler is on (net )
[4855] 16:12:50: scheduler not yet found.
[4855] 16:12:53: reconn Node Name: Musha
  Remote name:
  Architecture: i686
  Current kids: 0 (max: 5)
  cpu: 937 idle, 0 nice
  load: 0, icecream_load: 0
  memory: 0 (free: 1233)

I don't know what else to try. I'm hoping someone here has used Icecream and has some ideas about what I've missed...

/etc/profile has been updated on both systems:


export PATH="/usr/lib/ccache/bin:/usr/lib/icecc/bin:$PATH"

export ICECC_VERSION="x86_64:/var/icecc/host-i686-target-x86_64.tar.gz,i686:/var/icecc/host-i686-target-i686.tar.gz"


export PATH="/usr/lib/ccache/bin:/usr/lib/icecc/bin:$PATH"

export ICECC_VERSION="i686:/var/icecc/host-x86_64-target-i686.tar.gz,x86_64:/var/icecc/host-x86_64-target-x86-64.tar.gz"

Ideas? :(


If I set the number of jobs that the "Master (64bit system) can run to 0, the

scheduler reports:
[24802] 16:54:44: no job stats - looking at MushaV2 load: 273 can install: x86_64
[24802] 16:54:44: no job stats - looking at Musha load: 32 can install:
[24802] 16:54:47: no job stats - looking at MushaV2 load: 405 can install: x86_64
[24802] 16:54:47: no job stats - looking at Musha load: 32 can install:

Showing it thinks that Musha (the slave) cannot run anything, and that the Master can ONLY do 64bit, it wont cope with i686....

hiptobecubic 01-03-2011 05:09 AM

I'm having the same problem. It's so bent on refusing to hand out jobs that if i start the daemon with "-m 0", it will just accept the number of jobs matching "make -j $NUMJOBS" and then hang.

Have you tried explicitly setting the network name "-n" ?

djsmiley2k 01-03-2011 07:07 AM


At least I'm not going insane, I hadn't seen anyone else online with this issue and was convinced I'd setup something wrong, but it appears that icecream just has a very small userbase :/

I did try setting the network with -n - same issue.

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