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Nathaniel Ong 02-10-2001 12:44 AM

Please teach me on using the Disk druid.
I want my computer to have two operating system. One is Windows, and the other is Linux.
My computer already have the Windows operating system.
I have decided to put the Linux operating system in my drive D:.
How will I partition the drive D:?
I have only one hard disk with two partitions.

I hope somenone there would help me solve this problem.

ugge 02-10-2001 03:40 AM

When disk druid starts during install of linux you will need to first delete your d: partition and then add a few new partitions. Disk druid should be smart enought to tell you wich partition is d: in windows.

First mark partition d: and then 'delete'. Now you will add at least two partitions one for swap-files and another one for the rest of the system.

Now 'Add' a new partition, this is for swap. Set size to approximately twice the size of your ram and change fileformat to 'linux swap'.

Now add the rest of the system as one or more partitions the same way but this time you will set the partitions to 'linux native' filesystem.

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