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jayhorizon 01-25-2011 10:47 AM

hwclock:Could not access RTC error
I am running Linux version on an IMX27 and have connected an external RTC chip isl1208. I recompiled with the built in driver and put it on my unit. When i restart the unit, i see :

isl1208 0-006f: chip found, driver version 0.2
isl1208 0-006f: rtc core: registered isl1208 as rtc0
mxc_rtc mxc_rtc.0: rtc core: registered mxc_rtc as rtc1
No external RTC clock
Real TIme clock Driver v1.0
mxc_rtc: probe of mxc_rtc.0 failed with error -2

Any ideas what is doing on? I do have the chip connected over the i2c.

jayhorizon 01-25-2011 11:33 AM

I should say it is wired up over the I2C.

jayhorizon 01-25-2011 02:43 PM

I also looked at the log again and found this....

isl1208 0-006f: hctosys: invalid date/time

jayhorizon 01-25-2011 03:27 PM

If i try the hwclock command I get this.....

hwclock -w
hwclock: Could not access RTC: No such file or directory

jayhorizon 01-25-2011 04:07 PM

i found out that i was initializing two rtcs. I removed the mxc one but still can't talk to the isl1208. I get the invalid date/time still and when i try to set it with hw clock it says
hwclock: Could not access RTC: No such file or directory

jayhorizon 01-26-2011 11:56 AM

I was using an old version of busybox.
I upgraded to busybox-1.17.3 and now if i do a ./busybox-1.17.3 hwclock it works.

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