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httpd_config 02-15-2001 03:18 PM

I have installed SuSe
when it boots up (or i restart apache "/etc/rc.d/apache restart") i get the follwoing error:

syntax error in httpd.conf

How can I isloate this problem down to locate the realy problem? Is there a log file that is generated where there is more information?


cawaker 02-15-2001 04:11 PM

in /var/log/httpd/ there are 2 files access and error the error log should have more info as to why httpd wont start up.

httpd_config 02-15-2001 05:34 PM

I will look at those files and see where they lead me.

thanks for your time and help.

jeremy 02-15-2001 08:31 PM

You can also run 'apachectl configtest'.

httpd_config 02-16-2001 11:26 AM

I guess suse's default install for apache is just not too hot. the tool you spoke of was not even installed...

so i just grabbed up the latest copy off apache-org's site and make-installed it just fine.

thanks for you help.

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