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Felipe 07-27-2014 07:39 PM

Html editor with menu and tabs

I'm developing a web application for maintaining tables of database.
What I use in client is html, javascript, jquery an json (jsp and Oracle in servers).
For editing, I use notepad++, but I'd like to use a better Web Editor.
What I need is:
- Create menus
- Create tabs.
- Scroll tables (I've solved this problem)
I see there are many solutions, but not an easy one (an html editor which allow me create html pages and edit javascript. And easy creation of menu and tabs...).
Can any suggest me a tool and where to find documentation, samples, forum, ...


notKlaatu 07-27-2014 11:50 PM

I believe you are asking for a development environment for web coding.

There are so many out could try Kate or Emacs, those are popular text editors that can be tweaked a little (or a lot) to act a bit more like IDE's. I use Emacs with auto completion and it works pretty well for me.

If you are after something more like an IDE, you might look at

Felipe 07-28-2014 06:13 PM

Thanks for your answer.
I'm looking for an IDE. Tried with Aptana, Eclipse+Aptana, Wavemaker,..

I try to create a traditional maintenance of tables. Using Jquery and Json, I solve the problem to access webserver and database. But creating a webpage with menu, tabs and scroll tables, is not easy using a text editor. I've to read documents to search the elements properties and it's a bit slow.

I want to create html pages which includes menu and tabs. Create it using javascript is no easy, so I look for solutions. But I spend a long time looking, testing, if they are free or not...

To resume: I'm looking for an Ide which allow me to create html pages which include: Menus, tabs, scrollable tables, and javascript auto completion.

notKlaatu 07-28-2014 10:05 PM

An IDE is just an interface for programming. No IDE is going to make these things for you.

If you are looking for a design application, you could take a look at

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