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shawnbishop 08-16-2006 12:58 AM

hplip on Ubunut 5.10 upgrade
Good Day

I am running an Ubuntu Print Server using CUPS that has several HP printers attached to it.Ubuntu comes standard with hplip 0.9.5.Now when printing from Adobe Acrobat files of say 500k it takes up to 20 minutes to print the file!!
I have searched around and it is suggested from other forums to upgrade the hplip drivers for the printers.According to hplip on source forge they are on version hplip-1.6.7.
How do I upgrade the hplip on the server to this version??

I have tried apt-get upgrade and apt-get update and it says it is the latest version. I cant uninstall and compile and reinstall as it removes the ubuntu-desktop when you uninstall it.

Does anybody know where I can get the latest deb files for hplip, or a resource I can put in my apt configuration so I can upgrade it??


pljvaldez 08-16-2006 06:01 PM

You can look into breezy backports and see if anyone has updated the hplip driver. Otherwise, you need to uninstall it and compile from source or do a dist-upgrade to dapper drake.

Oh, and IIRC, you can uninstall it just fine. ubuntu-desktop is just a meta-package, not your actual desktop...

shawnbishop 08-21-2006 12:21 AM

Good Day

The hplip update is not in the backports, I have requested it on the Ubuntu Forums if anybody has done it or is willing ot do it. I am not going ot do a dist-upgrade, because quite honestly 6.06 doesnt work as it should,especially the Samba packages.


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