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knappster 11-02-2005 11:37 AM

I'm kind of getting tired of posting it, but I guess I'll try one more time.

I wrote a tutorial on installing Wine with DVD Shrink over a year ago. People have for the most part been successful following it start to finish (with the same version of wine that is mentioned in the tutorial). Also, make sure you take the semicolon out from in front of the windows version line. I've read that newer versions of Wine don't have the config file that mine did. So if it doesn't work, and you don't have anything else set up with wine, use my tutorial and use that same version.


CrashedAgain 11-02-2005 05:02 PM

Thanks people, it's now working.

Knappster, I had tried your tutorial before (& thanks for your help, I had a few posts on that forum also) but just couldn't make it find the dvd drive so I had given up & was just using vobcopy to copy the files then dvdshrink (in wine) to do the shrink. One of the things I was told at the time was that I needed an upgraded kernel & a specific wine version. I have since upgraded the kernel so I very methodically redid the wine config & it is now working. Wine would not find the dvd drive (G: drive) until after I manually ran winecfg other word it wouldn't autodetect by default. Seems strange, that's usually what autodetect is for.
I did have to set the win version to winxp (or win2000), this also was mentioned earlier but nobody ever said's because wine does not have the winaspi.dll files. Win 95/98/me needs these but winxp/2000 etc do not.

I am using wine 20050725 installed from debian packages.

Now I have another problem...the trigger for a renewed effort at setting up dvdshrink in wine was that I had a movie that gave a seek error during vobcopy. I switched over to windows (dual boot winme/Kanotix-debian system) & dvdshrink read the disk & shrank it with no problems. Dvd shrink running under wine however ( once I got it working) errored out with the seek error. This was sort of expected, I guess the problem is in the linux drivers for the dvd drive but the question is can anything be done about it? Is there an 'ignore errors' setting or something that somebody knows about?

CrashedAgain 11-15-2005 09:01 AM

Perhaps we can soon run a native linux program instead:
I have just installed it but haven't tried it yet.

karelvdm 09-29-2006 03:02 AM

Hey people!
No one tried the native dvdshrink.rpm?:confused:

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