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Aymen 12-12-2012 03:06 AM

How to use prelink for arm
Hi Everybody,

I am working on a ubuntu host (i386) and I want to use prelink for an ARM9 embedded linux system binaries and shared libraries.

I have already downloaded and installed prelink tool for ubuntu for the i386 arch. I activated and configured prelink through /etd/default/prelink and /etc/prelink.conf (I have set the directories where my shared libraries and binaries are located).

However, when I try to run prelink I got messages of this kind.

/usr/sbin/prelink.bin: /media/sf_shared/EDDY/binaries/tcpdump: Using /lib/, not /home/imx6q/initramfs_backup/lib/ as dynamic linker

So it seems that prelink is still using the default Dynamic Linker of ubuntu not the one of my ARM system. I tried to specify my Dynamic Linker I want to use and to give the path for the shared libraries via: --ld-library-path=/home/../lib/ --dynamic-linker=/home/../

But I got the same problem.

Is there anyone that have an idea about how to use prelink for ARM embedded linux systems? Does ubuntu support prelink for ARM or should I use another distribution?


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