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little_penguin 02-11-2005 07:41 PM

How to UNINSTALL stuff?????
I just installed opera browser via an rpm, and the way the menus have been setup, it isnt working right, so I need to uninstall it and do a fresh install so I configure it right from the outset again, so I uninstalled it through yast, okay its gone, then i reinstalled it through yast and it was back again, with the same settings!!!
I tried again, deleted some folder called opera that i could find and reinstalled, the settings are still there!!!! How do I get rid of this thing completly?????????? Where are the settings being held??? Also Im having exactly the same problem with kde knights chess program, how do I delete it completly?

Thanks :)

Linux~Powered 02-11-2005 07:59 PM


the settings are still there!!!
Look for a dot file in your home dir.

ls -a

and delete it.
and if you instaled via RPM, to remove the package

rpm -e

little_penguin 02-11-2005 11:14 PM

I couldnt find the file you were saying about, you know where it would be for kde knights game? I couldnt find it attal, I did search, but nothing :(

reddazz 02-12-2005 12:45 AM

Most programs store settings in a hidden file in your /home/username directory. To delete files related to opera you would just delete ".opera" instead of uninstalling and reinstalling.

Linux~Powered 02-12-2005 02:20 AM


I couldnt find the file you were saying about
When you "ls -a" in your /home/you dir you'll see a bunch of "dot files". Those files hold your settings for programs that you run. They are kept hidden so they don't clutter your home dir, so look for a file similiar to the program that you want to delete. Like the game "knights". It should be something like .knights. If you delet that file, all the settings for the knights game are deleted. If you run the game again, it'll create a new "dot file". Even if you were to remove the program with rpm -e (or whatever your uninstalling with) the dot file will still be there until you manually remove it with rm -rf .knights. I don't know if kde would even have a dot file for that game though. I just posted this so you understand the meaning of a "dot file"-- since you're a newbie and all.

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